911/Civilian Bargaining Report #6

Tuesday, May 22nd update on bargaining with the state for DSP civilians and 911.
The state passed a proposal today that begins to move in the direction that we have consistently insisted on, in order to reach an agreement. The details are not finalized and there is still work to be done to reach an agreement, but both parties are engaged in the process now and there is a light at the
end of this tunnel.
We have discussed how a structure of wages is important, for the members to see that the time spent in service to the state is awarded and appreciated. There is positive movement on key aspects of the bargaining process as of today. The state bargaining team seems sincere in its efforts to finalize this agreement very soon and we will bring the offer, once it's tentatively agreed to by the bargaining team, to the membership for a vote.
We all need to remain cautiously optimistic about the offers currently being made by the state. We would love to share the exact details of the work that has transpired up to this point, but that undermines the process and jeopardizes the relationship that is being slowly established. We committed early on to only bring back a CBA worthy of the membership's ratification and that commitment stands.
A key goal is to establish a foundation with this CBA that will provide the cornerstone for future negotiations...
We are determined in setting that cornerstone this year. Your unity and support is vital and is being heard at the bargaining table.
Solidarity Forever,
Deb Tucker
CWA Local 13101
Randy Barr
CWA Local 13101
Mike Watson
CWA Local 13101
John Petrini
Staff Rep.
CWA International
Jim Ryan
CWA Local 13101