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Don't Let Verizon Hurt Our Communities

Verizon taking jobs from US.

Money Isn't Everything

Verizon has upended our lives and the lives of our families. We're on strike because our families matter.

Why We're On Strike

We built this company. Now Verizon wants to ship our jobs overseas. We're standing together to fight for a good future for our families and our communities.

On Strike to Keep Jobs in our Communities

Verizon doesn't want to talk about the real issue - keeping good jobs in our communities instead of sending them overseas.

CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney on What's at Stake

CWA District 2-13 talks to members about what is at stake in the Verizon Strike.

Keeping the American Dream Alive

CWA and IBEW members are standing together for their communities and families against corporate greed.