Multimedia: Photos

CWA Local 2201 presenting issues at 2020 Legislative Boot Camp in Virginia.

Virginia 2020 Legislative Boot Camp

CWA Local 2201 hosts 2020 CWA Legislative Boot Camp in Virginia.

Six CWA Local 2204 members at AT&T Mobility Call Center in Lebanon, VA.

CWA Strong at Local 2204

CWA Local 2204 is mobilizing at the AT&T Mobility Call Center in Lebanon, VA!

Three CWA members in Delaware hold signs "United with Maximus Workers!"

Customer Service Week of Action: 2019

District 2-13 members joined CWAers across the country during the Customer Service Week of Action (October 7-11) to stand with Maximus workers in their fight to unionize.

CWA members at Labor Day picnic in Northern Virginia.

2019 Labor Day Parades

CWA members celebrate Labor Day throughout District 2-13.

Call Center Workers in Virginia with fists in the air.

Virginia Call Center Boot Camp

CWA District 2-13 brough 18 CWA call center workers from around Virginia to training on July 10 and 11, 2019 in Richmond.

Three CWA members write No More Offshoring letters to members of Congress.

District 2-13 Summer of #NoMoreOffshoring

As part of CWA's "The Summer of #NoMoreOffshoring" campaign to fight back against job loss, corporate tax loopholes, and the trade deals that harm working people, CWA District 2-13 members participated in a Day of Action.