AT&T Legacy T Health Care Information

Below you will find some Health Care Q & As. Also, attached is the intro to the new Dental and Vision Plan comparison charts, as well as the Dental Plan and Vision Plan charts themselves.


Contribution Amounts (Premiums)

Q. Are all premium amounts monthly or bi-weekly?
A. Monthly.

Q. Why is there no individual +1 listed? Is everyone other than just the employee considered family coverage?
A. Yes. We have Individual, Individual +1 and Family tiers for only the Dental and Vision Plans.


Q. Do I need to meet the family deductible before my coinsurance kicks in?
A. No. The deductible is met on the individual level. If you meet your deductible, your coinsurance will kick in once your deductible is met.


Q. Copay/Coinsurance does not state “Deductible waived” for the preventive Network/Indemnity portion. This was listed in our 2009 contract. Has this changed from the last contract?
A. That has not changed. Coinsurance for preventive in network is still $0 copay & 0% coinsurance. Outside the network there is no coverage for preventive.

Q. Not all lab fees, etc are being covered during preventive annual exams; shouldn’t they be?
A. Fees are billed based off the medical coding from the doctor. The cost for preventive should be covered. If individuals have problems, please refer them to our CWA Healthcare Coordinator.

Q. What is Traditional Indemnity?
A. Traditional Indemnity is an 80/20 Plan for employees who have no access to a Network. Most employees can opt in to a Network by using a zip code in a neighboring area. Those who are unable to do so default into the Traditional Indemnity Plan. More than 95% of our membership has access to a Network Plan.

2012 New Hires

Q. New hires pay 32% of what amount?
A. Cost share percentages are based on AT&T’s healthcare costs.

Q. Will the provider still be United Health Care or is that changing?
A. United Health Care has a 3 year agreement with AT&T. The provider may change during the life of the agreement, but the coverage will remain the same.

Prescription Drug Program

Q. Do mail order prescriptions still get filled with a 3 month supply?
A. Yes

Q. There is nothing listed regarding Retail – Non-Network Copays. Is it covered?
A. Participant pays the greater of the applicable Network copay or balance remaining after the plan pays 75% of Network retail cost. There is no change in the coverage.

Dental and Vision Plans

Q. What are the significant improvements?
A. The itemization will be available on the T&T website. The new dental plan is based on Reasonable and Customary fees rather than on the current plan’s fixed schedule. Deductibles are lower and maximum benefits are higher. The new vision plan will allow for eye exams annually, rather than bi-annually as is required by the current plan. In addition, the new vison plan covers Standard Progressive and Standar Polycarbonate lenses, not covered by the current plan. A full comparison of the Dental and Vision Plans will be posted on the T&T website.

Q. Will there be a coverage comparison between our current coverage?
A. Yes, a full comparison of the Dental and Vision Plans will be posted on the T&T website.

Q. Is this for traditional & DMO or both?
A. Both.

Q. Can we opt out of vision and/or dental and still keep medical?
A. Yes. You can opt out during open enrollment, and will not be able to get back in until the following year. If you opt out of the insurance, you will have NO dental or vision coverage through AT&T.

Q. When will the medical/vision/dental changes be effective? Jan 1, 2013? Or will there be 2 open enrollment periods like there were in 2009?
A. If the contract is ratified by August 17, 2012, these changes will go into effect January 1, 2013. There will be one open enrollment period.

Q. Who are the providers for Dental & Vision? Will that change with the new improved benefits?
A. There is no change to current providers at this time. If providers are changed during the term of the agreement, there will be no change to the plans.

Future Retirees

Q. What does “treated the same as active employees” mean? Are you referring to benefits? Plan costs & coverage?
A. Future retirees will be treated as active employees with regard to healthcare coverage and cost, except for the Vision Plan. Future retirees will be covered by the AT&T Retiree Vision Plan. Until this round of bargaining, retirees had no access to the AT&T Retiree Vision Plan.

Q. What about people that retired between expiration & ratification, how will that impact medical/vision/dental?
A. This language will go into effect for anyone retiring AFTER April 8, 2012, the date the contract expired.

2009 New Hires will pay 50% of the full cost of coverage.
2012 New Hires will pay 100% of the new cost of coverage.

Q. Cost of what? The premium? The services?
A. AT&T healthcare costs will be determined each year, based on AT&T costs over the prior 18 month period. When employees retire, they will pay either 50% of those costs, or 100% of the cost.

Q. What are those costs today?
A. Because retiree healthcare is a permissive subject of bargaining, the Company refused to provide any retiree healthcare information.

Q. Why did we exclude new hires from retiree benefits?
A. We did not exclude them; we should have at least 6 more contracts to work on this issue before today’s new hires retire.